Carving seat

The concept

A seat that changes its angle as the rider leans into a turn to help with the vehicle’s handling and performance.

The background

When you ride a snowmobile you normally shift your weight from side to side while taking curves. I thought it would be cool to develop a ‘carving seat‘ where the pilot would be able to lean with his seat when the vehicle is turning.

How it works

An electric motor controlled by a smart module would incline the seat at various angles and speed depending on the vehicle’s characteristic (speed, acceleration, direction, angle, etc). Various sensors would detect these characteristics including a position sensor on the steering column. If you are moving slowly on a flat terrain, the seat would not incline at the same angle or speed as if you are taking an aggressive curve at higher speed. The pilot could select different riding style (Touring, Snowcross, Oval track, etc.) The carving seat could include a force feedback system. This way, the seat would be able to adjust its response depending on the weight and riding style of the driver and even learn and adapt during a ride. Finally but not least, the carving seat could be used on other types of vehicle like personal watercrafts, all terrain vehicles, trikes, etc.


I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer who created the renderings for this concept.Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Spike commuting car, the Joust personal transporter, and the Urban Link tuk-tuk.