The Concept

The Motosub is an underwater vehicle propelled by an enclosed water turbine.

How it works

Power is provided by liquid cooled electric motors and ion-lithium batteries. Its ergonomy is similar to a powersport vehicle where you sit-on and control the the unit with handlebars. To free up the pilot and passenger, the diving tanks are  located on board the Motosub and they can be connected to standard air regulators (or custom ones that would fit with the vehicle).

To steer and turn the Motosub the pilot can pivot the horizontal rudders and flaps. A directional water jet nozzle can also bu turned. Depth is maintained with controllable ballasts tanks located fore and aft of the vehicle. All inboard information is displayed on the centre console and an on board computer can autopilot the Motosub to free up its passengers. A Skid plate and landing pegs permits the pilot and passenger to gently park the Motosub on the seafloor. Conventional scuba tanks can also be attached on the vehicle’s sides.

What it’s used for

Scuba diving enthusiasts can use this vehicle to explore the sea. It can also be useful for marine research.

The Designer

The Motosub concept was developed in collaboration with Aaron Hughes, an industrial designer based in Salt Lake City, USA. Aaron graduate in design from the College of Creative Studies and founded his own company named Hugues Studios. He also created the renderings of the Tracksider and Idrobyk concepts.