The concept

The ZEUS V is a Zero Emission Urban Street Vehicle capable of moving people around in downtown areas, on campuses or underground tunnels.

How it works

A sliding seat is installed on the unit’s base and an a lever assists the pilot in sliding the seat forward or backwards so the vehicle can move in the desired direction. If the seat and pilot are aligned with the centre of gravity, the vehicle remains in place.

To turn left or right, the pilot uses a old airplane (or glider) style stick and pushes it in the desired direction. Two adjustable footrest are located at the front and a skidplate attached under them will absorbs the shock in case the ZEUS V loses power. The height of the skid plate over the ground is only a few inches high.

What it’s used for

The Zeus V is a means of personal transportation for short distances, it can be used to visit a city or a park. It is not meant to climb steep hills but to move you around on flat terrain or small slopes.

The designer

The Zeus V concept was developed in collaboration with Edgar Modesto an Industrial Designer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Edgar graduated in industrial design from the University Iberoamericana. He currently works as a designer for The Tecnológico de Monterrey. He also created the concept of the White Rabbit snowmobile and the Motobaggan.