The concept

The Idrobyk (Pronounce Hydro Bike) is a cross between an outboard engine and a hydrofoil.


I had this idea a really long time ago when I was riding personal watercraft (PWC) on lakes and oceans. In the late nineties  the ‘Airchair‘ concept came out and it reminded me of my idea of using a simple outboard motor with side wings to keep it aloft.

How it works

The Idrobyk is meant to be driven like a superbike on water, fast and precise. It should be propelled by water turbines powered by a two-stroke direct injection marine engine.  At rest, the watercraft would float. When it would start to move forward, horizontal rudders located on each side would pivot and provide lift to raise the unit above the water line. The real shape and length of the keel (and the whole vehicle) will differ from what is shown but the principle will remain the same.

The Idrobyk could steer by using special flaps located on its horizontal rudders (like those found on airplanes). It could also use a directional water nozzle and a rudder below the water turbine powered by an electric motor. To help the unit maintain a comfortable riding position, a computer could assist the driver and adapt the vehicle’s system in real time. Could it make jumps? Why not! The first thing we need to do is get started on building a prototype!

What it’s used for

The Idrobyk is definitely a recreational vehicle that could be used for racing or by speed enthusiasts.

The designer

The Idrobyk concept was developed in collaboration with Aaron Hughes, an industrial designer based in Salt Lake City, USA. Aaron graduate in design from the College of Creative Studies and founded his own company named Hugues Studios. He also created the renderings of the Tracksider and Motosub concepts.