The Concept

The Mecatrak is a mix between a ‘Surfboard’ and a ‘Snowmobile’.

How it works

It could be designed to ride on lightly packed snow.  The Mecatrak is powered by a combustion engine mounted inside its single track. A lateral chain case transmits the power to the rear sprocket for optimal traction. All systems are disposed inside the vehicle and they are balanced around the centre of gravity.

To move forward or backwards, the pilot simply leans in the desired direction and the Mecatrack activates its CVT transmission. To steer the vehicle left or right, the pilot leans on each side. If the pilot falls off the vehicle, it simply stops. If you’ve seen something like this please provide me the link!

What it’s used for

The Mecatrak would be perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts. It could be used on snowmobile trails or even ski slopes.

The Designer

The Mecatrak concept was developed in collaboration with Brahim Jaadane an industrial designer from Lyon in France. Jan graduated from l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers and now works as a freelance industrial designer.