The Concept

The Tracksider is a mix between a Side-by-Side ATV and a Amphibious hunting rover with a hint of tactical vehicle.

The Background

The initial idea was to design a highly manoeuvrable, amphibious, all terrain hunting vehicle, with an exceptional lateral view. A silent vehicle that could move on land, snow and water…

How it works

The Tracksider is powered by a combustion engine connected to a generator and ion-lithium batteries. The 4 independent tracks are driven by electric motors which can rotate over 180 degrees and allow the vehicle to move sideways.

In ‘electric mode’ the Tracksider can move very silently, obviously the vehicle will not be designed to cover great distances on its batteries for weight & cost reasons, but it will have enough capacity to make stealthy approaches if you want to hunt.

The vehicle is amphibious and floats well, Its air intake is located on the roof and the muffler is also high above the water line. Two propellers located at the rear helps the vehicle achieve a good speed when it’s in the water and chop algae if they start to gather on the sides.

The current images shows a vehicle built for 2 but it could be designed for 4 or 6 people. A single central pillar is used to optimize the side view and the use of binoculars. It’s also easier to get in or out. Storage boxes are integrated on the vehicle’s side for an easier access and reduced accident risk.

What it’s used for

The Tracksider could be used as a recreational vehicle as well as a hunting vehicle. It could also serve for military purposes.

The Designer

The Tracksider concept was developed in collaboration with Aaron Hughes, an industrial designer based in Salt Lake City, USA. Aaron graduated in design from the College of Creative Studies and founded his own company named Hugues Studios. He also created the renderings of the Motosub and Idrobyk concepts.