The concept

I am certain that a lot of bikers are dreaming of riding a really cool ‘Enduro type’ 3WD bike and this is what the Trailtrike is all about.


I thought about the Trailtrike concept, when I was managing the ‘Spyder‘ project for BRP. Our primary objective, was to enter the market with a certified motorcycle and that’s what the team engineered and focused on.

How it works

The vehicle would be configured like a 3 wheeled dual purpose bike. It should be light but powerful my preference would be for a 2-Stroke  Direct Injection Engine equipped with a CVT transmission. Two output shafts would provide power to all three wheels.

The front disc brakes would be mounted inboard to minimize the unsprung weight, increase the response time of the suspension and concentrate the mass around the CG.  The TrailTrike could be equipped with a carving seat for a more active riding style and it would uses an intelligent stability system programmed for each road or trail condition encountered.

What it’s used for

It would be designed to ride on asphalt, dirt roads and trails so if you feel like it you could exit the main road to take it out for a spin on backroads.

The designer

I would like to thank Brian Miller, who created the images of the Trailtrike. Brian is a freelance product designer based in Denver, Colorado. Brian also created the renderings of the Gotoo concept.