The concept

Imagine booking a car with your smart phone to get an overnight lift to a distant city… A fully automated vehicle that incorporates the best and latest safety features, equipped with 2 comfortable beds, Wi-Fi and a full Audio/Video system. This is what the Night Car concept is about.


Driving at night can be tiring, how nice would it be if you could feel rested at the end of a long car ride? The Night Car would be a good way for travelers to optimise their time by sleeping and traveling at the same time.

How it works

The Night Car would be equipped with in-wheel electric drive system. The car would have gullwing doors to make it easier to enter the car and lay down on each bed. The Night Car would come equipped with a 500 Miles Lithium-Air battery pack and an inductive/wireless charging system. Every window would use Smart Glass to shut all outside light with the flick of a switch. Both beds could be cooled or heated and noise cancellation speakers would eliminate (or at least reduce) outside noises.

What it’s used for

Financially, it would make more sense to rent these vehicles on a need basis. Each user would pay his fare by using a smartphone app and onboard credit card terminal. The whole fleet would be monitored 24/7 and would include a live, on-board customer service support and voice activated commands.

The designer

The Night Car concept was developed in collaboration with Jan Bujnak, an industrial designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and works as a freelance designer. Jan has also produced the concept images for the Sekonride powersport simulator and the Typhon personal hovercraft.