The concept

The Espadon is a fast and nimble twin seat convertible boat powered by a water turbine. It was designed to spend a day on the water, have a picnic on a secluded beach and cruise down the canal to your favorite spot. ‘Espadon’ means ‘Swordfish‘ it’s one of the fastest sea creatures and I thought I’d borrow its name for this new boat concept.

The background

I wanted to create a small boat built for two.  I also wanted the occupants to feel close to the water, and have a special experience. You just hop on the boat and escape without having to worry. Sometimes, too many people on board makes it more stressful…

How it works

One thing I like is the convertible roof. You simply push a button and ‘voilà!’ The sun can now shine on you. I designed a twin layer roof so you could  choose between three options (Sun, Shade, Protected). The first layer would be composed of mesh fabric that would block out part of the sun and create some shade while allowing a breeze to flow. You could close this layer by toggling the roof button to ‘shade mode’. The second layer would be made of a watertight fabric and it would completely seal the roof from any rain or sun when activated.

Another feature would be the transparent deck and side panels, I want the occupants to feel the outdoors so I have planned to add some transparent sections in the hull and on the sides.  These sections could be built of highly resistant Plexiglas or new transparent polymers.

The powerpack would come form an inboard 4 Stroke Jet Propulsion system made by ROTAX capable of delivering 215hp. The vehicle could offer an intelligent brake reverse (IBR) system like the one found on the Sea-Doo Line-up. A small sun deck would be located at the rear, on which you could sit and bathe in the sun. It would not be huge but it would serve the purpose of diving out or re-entering the boat after a swim. Of course a good boat sound system and ambient lights would make it perfect for a romantic night out.

The designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer who created the renderings for this concept.Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Spike commuting car, the Joust personal transporter, and the Urban Link tuk-tuk.