The concept

The SplitCycle is an electric motorcycle that can be paired to form a car.


Sharing a ride with someone is cool, being able to split your ride in two when you want to go in different directions is even better! As you can imagine, designing such a vehicle is harder than it looks, so this is a first draft.

How it works

I started by using a motorcycle layout with a ‘chopper style’ seating ergonomy. A cool feature is the reclining seat; it lets the pilot switch from a straight seating position to a more leaned back or relaxed position. A transparent roof was added to the bike. It’s mounted on a pivot point in the front and rollers in the back to follows the seat’s inclination.  Another cool feature is the sliding front windshield, it slides up under the roof so the rider can feel the air rush while riding whenever he wants too.

Each SplitCycle is equipped with a 30 Kw liquid cooled electric motor. and can operate on its own. A drive by wire system controls the power and servo direction on the front wheels. When the ‘cycles’ are united, the vehicle is controlled by only one side and it can be switched to the other with the push of a button.

In solo mode, each unit rides like a bike. You can lean into curves and you need to use your feet when your immobilizing the vehicle. To unite two SplitCycle, you position each unit side by side at rest and lock them manually by using the front and rear coupling points. This process could be automated eventually.

When you’re driving two united SplitCycles, the front wheels turn like they would on a car and the vehicle does’nt lean into curves. You can easily talk with the other passenger and the cockpit could be fully closed for a comfier ride under cold weather.

The designer

The image of the SplitCycle where created by Jan Bujnak an industrial designer based in the Slovak Republic. Jan also created the renderings for the Otobuxi concept.