The concept

The Oceanid is a variation of my ‘Motosub‘ concept. It’s a two seat underwater vehicle equipped with an electric motor that spins a water turbine. It’s a motorcycle/submarine equipped with liquid-cooled air-lithium batteries.

The background

I’ve always enjoyed scuba diving;  it’s fascinating what you can discover underwater! Most of the time I’d like to have more ‘air time’ to perform my dive, cover more ‘ground’ and feel less cluttered with the equipment. The Oceanid provides a solution to all those needs.

In Greek mythology the Oceanids are the three thousand daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, They are aquatic nymphs. I thought this name would be appropriate for a personal submarine designed to explore, seas, lakes and oceans…

How it works

The Oceanid can hold 4 bottles of air inside its hull, which  makes it possible for divers to remain submerged longer. Air regulators can be connected in one of the two air ‘ports’ and you can read the air pressure, depth and other diving information on the dashboard of the Oceanid. Obviously you still need your vest and mask but your fins can hang on a ‘fin rack’ located inside the vehicle. You can use them for a quick extra-vehicle exploration as needed with a small air tank.

The Oceanid is equipped with lateral elevators which allow you to move up and down in combination with the ballasts tanks. To change direction, simply turn the handle that directs the water nozzle in the desired direction. There’s also a small rudder attached to the water nozzle.

The designer

The Oceanid concept was developed in collaboration with Jan Bujnak, an industrial designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and works as a freelance designer. Jan has also produced the concept images for the Typhon personal hovercraft and the Wemotaci hydrogen powered snowmobile.