The concept
The Motoboggan is a small automated vehicle with double tracks which serves in winter and can carry three people up the slopes.

When I was young, I often went tobogganing with friends on a long slope in a field just outside the village. To go back to the top of the hill, we used a Ski-Doo so there was always one of us who had to go down on the snowmobile …

How it works
The Motobaggan is powered by a small 4-stroke engine 5 hp positioned in the center of the frame. This motor drives a hydraulic pump which supplies two smaller hydraulic motors attached to the rear of each track. This configuration provides good traction and facilitates turns.

The body is formed to accommodate three people. Each seat has a backrest, side handles and footrests. You can hang the sled/toboggan to a hook on the back of the vehicle. The vehicle is controlled with commands integrated into the handles of the first passenger. With two independent tracks, the Motobaggan can move forward, backward and rotate.

The most important is that the Motobaggan can move independently with the aid of sensors, similar to those found in iRobot’s ‘Roomba’ . When you are on top of the hill, just press a button to activate the ‘Search’ mode. When you start your slide, the Motobaggan follows the signal from your smartphone to pick you up at the bottom of the hill. It can avoid the obstacle and stops a few steps from you when it reaches you. You can also remotely control or program it to reach a position by using its built-in GPS.

The designer

The Surfbal concept was developed in collaboration with Edgar Modesto an Industrial Designer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Edgar graduated in industrial design from the University Iberoamericana. He currently works as a designer for The Tecnológico de Monterrey. He also created the concept of the White Rabbit snowmobile.