Ski rudder

The concept

As its name suggests, the Ski Rudder is a rudder that would deploy under a snowmobile’s ski during sharp turns.

The background

When I imagined the ‘Ski Rudder’ concept, I wondered if it would be useful to deploy rudders under the skis when you need to increase their traction. In fact, I first thought of this idea when I saw a pilot slowing down while riding up a mountain and then trying to ‘turn’ his Ski-Doo 180 degree to go downhill.

How it works

If we could deploy in small increments, fins/rudders under the skis whilst riding on trails would that increase traction and lateral stability? I have already seen similar mechanisms deploy wheels on some machines. (we thought about adding them to Elite once) but maybe a smaller rigid plastic blade with a carbide insert would improve the vehicle’s control in specific situations?

If we take the idea a little bit further, the ‘Ski Rudder‘ could deploy automatically when the driver turns his handlebars and the vehicle does not change course quickly enough. The deployment could be managed by the electronic module and its strength & speed would depend on each situation. Obviously the shape, height, strength and position of this accessory would need to be optimized and improved if it makes sense to use it.

The designer

The Ski Rudder concept was developed in collaboration with Edgar Modesto an Industrial Designer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Edgar graduated in industrial design from the University Iberoamericana. He currently works as a designer for The Tecnológico de Monterrey. He also created the concept of the White Rabbit snowmobile and the Motoboggan.