The concept

The Spacecross concept is my first attempt to imagine a simple space vehicle that would be designed to carry Astronauts around a Space habitat such as the Bigelow Aerospace BA-330  or a Spacecraft such as the Space-X Dragon Module. It was not designed to look ‘really cool’, because in space, every gram counts… so I stuck with the basics. Of course, I am not an Astronautical Engineer so there are definitely some features that will need to be revised (in fact, I am already working on a second version!)

How it works

The Spacecross is derived from ‘Motocross’ or ‘Space Crossing’ I started with two hollow tubes to form the frame that would be used as independent gas ducts. Attached under those tubes would be one to four spherical gas tanks. On each side of the vehicle there would be two foldable side arms on which gas thrusters would be mounted. These thrusters would be able to rotate around two axis and they would be used to correct the attitude of the craft on a real time basis.

I think it will be best if the machine can pilot itself without any help from its passengers. It could calculate the best trajectory, acceleration, speed and approach based on real time data. Of course it will have a manual override and probably it will be used for emergencies, but also for fun! (What’s the point of building a Spacecross if you can try it out?) The two seats are built with hollow centres to accommodate future space suit, but I reckon we will need to revise this design. The same goes for the controls which seem too small and fragile. There is a cargo compartment in the back that could house the computers, system back-ups and some tools.

Like I said earlier this is a first draft. I hope it will give you some ideas and spark your imagination! Don’t hesitate to contact me to give me your feedback.

The designer

The Spacecross concept was developed in collaboration with Jan Bujňák, an industrial designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Bratislava and works as a freelance designer. He also created the images of the Typhon personal hovercraft and the Wemotaci hydrogen powered snowmobile.