The concept

The SurfOut is a surfboard powered by an outboard engine equipped with a power steering.


I imagined that idea by thinking about the ‘Surfjet‘ that we used back in 1980s. The SurfOut is modular, it’s possible to change the engine and the board which could be offered in various size according to the age, experience, budget, height and mass of the pilot.

How it works

I opted for a 55hp Evinrude engine because it is equipped with a protective casing around the propeller. This engine was designed for the U.S. military, but it would be possible to release a civilian version with different horsepower. For example, you could start with an 8hp engine and then increase the engine size while keeping your original board.

The Surfboard incorporates a 3,5 gallon fuel tank and two storage spaces. The optional power steering mechanism attaches to the engine and the pilot can activate it with a handheld controller. It would also be possible to simply turn the board by leaning your weight on one side or the other. Of course this will become more difficult when you start increasing the engine or the board size, that’s when the power steering come in handy.

The SurfOut would also be equipped with a ski pole so it will be possible to pull a water skier or a tube, which is why I opted for an engine with no apparent propeller. (See the last picture below)

Underneath the boat, we’ve added two stabilizers, their location and size will be determined in test. We also incorporated lights under the hull, they would illuminate the ocean floor at night so you could observe marine life. Maybe we should probably get some feedback from a marine biologist for this idea…

The designer

The Surfout concept was developed in collaboration with Sebastian Campos, an award-winning industrial designer from Mexico. Sebastian graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and specializes in 3D and concept development for human-centered products.