White Rabbit

The concept

The White Rabbit is a narrow single passenger snowmobile. It has been designed, built and tested in the past by several companies but it never became a hit.

The background

I decided to look into this concept after discussing with my father about a prototype designed by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in  the 1960s called the ‘Hare’ (Or Lièvre in French). This prototype was a narrow snowmobile equipped with a single ski designed to slip between trees in the woods. (There were no groomed trails back then). The fuel tank was mounted very low on the prototype to lower its centre of gravity and, obviously, the pilot had to be agile to keep his balance!

How it works

When you decide to explore a forest on a snowmobile, a narrow vehicle comes in handy because most trees are less that 48” apart… (Competition for sunlight is fierce…) A snowmobile equipped with a single ski, a good track and a small engine could therefore be a good choice for land owners who want to ride around their property and explore the surrounding woods.

I would equip the White Rabbit with a small 15hp engine (or less) because this snowmobile wouldn’t need to be fast. Furthermore, there is normally not too much snow in the woods. The engineering team should aim for a dry weight of less than 200lbs and a selling price below $ 2,500. The ski’s shape should be designed to pack the snow a little and the track should be designed to ‘crawl or climb’ and not ‘shovel’ snow. Obviously the size and weight of the driver will make a difference, the ergonomics of the vehicle will probably change too. As an example, it might be better to design the White Rabbit to be driven with one knee on the seat as opposed to sit on it. A knee support could therefore replace the seat.

The designer

The White rabbit concept was developed in collaboration with Edgar Modesto an Industrial Designer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Edgar graduated in industrial design from the University Iberoamericana. He currently works as a designer for The Tecnológico de Monterrey. He also created the concept of the Surfbal and the Motobaggan.