The concept

The concept I’m presenting here is a mixture between a B7 Snowmobile and the Mirage, I wanted to retain features from both vehicles and create this hybrid version.

The background

In the 1970s , Ski- Doo’s R&D center built two advanced snowmobile prototypes named “Mirage” (not to be confused with the Moto-Ski model) It was a fully enclosed snowmobile equipped with a steering wheel, four seats and sharp geometric forms similar to exotic cars of that time.

How it works

The Mirage is built on an aluminum frame and it’s equipped with a 240 hp Volkswagen Touareg Turbo Diesel. This engine has good durability, it has two power outputs so it will be possible to equip the Mirage with front tracks on subsequent models. A powerful 150 amps alternator would provide enough current for the electrical system including a strong power steering to help turn the huge skis , mounted on a ‘pogo stick’ type suspension.

The Mirage is configured to carry six people with a 3 + 3 seat distribution. It would be possible to change the internal layout to have more room to transport cargo. We designed several variations of tracks/skis and for the moment we’re planning on using Soucy Track made in Drummondville. I would also increase the lengths of the track to acheive a better flotation on snow. It would also be interesting to try a version of the Mirage with a four track drive system, the front tracks would be able to turn like those found on ATV’s and tractors .

We chose to incorporate large windows to the vehicle (which will need to be properly defrosted…) and an electric sunroof. The modern look incorporates some art deco elements and cue’s from the 1950s.

The designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer who created the renderings for this concept.Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Aquari watercraft-hydrofoil concept and the Hyperjolt torpedo car.