The concept

The Arrow is a small electric vehicle with a narrow body, and a cockpit that opens up like a fighter jet to reveal tandem seats.

How it works

The Arrow is powered by a 30-kilowatt, liquid-cooled, double-sided synchronous motor located in the rear. The motor drives a limited slip differential that powers each rear wheel. It could become a four-wheel-drive vehicle or three-wheel-drive, but for now, I’m keeping things light and simple. Fenders have been added to the torpedo-shaped body, but we haven’t tested the airflow in a fluid dynamic software. The goal is to lower the drag coefficient as much as possible because energy will come from lithium-air batteries and the range target is to exceed 600 kilometres. I like the power-to-weight ratio ‘promised’ by this type of battery, which also releases oxygen when it’s charging.

What it’s used for

The Arrow was conceived as a cool alternative for commuting to work, for running errands or for weekend trips to the cottage. I love to ride motorcycles, but I also hate it when it starts to rain on a ride, which is why I opted for a closed cockpit that can also be heated or cooled.

The designer

The images of the Arrow prototype were conceived by Sebastian Campos, who is based in Mexico, he also designed the Surfout. A prototype of the Arrow could be built in a short period of time since Seabreacher in California already has a full cockpit sub-assembly. It could also be possible to build a gasoline powered version first.