MT Carrier

The concept

The MT Carrier is an amphibious rover that can be used to hunt, for exploration or as an industrial vehicle.

The background

The initial idea was to design a highly maneuverable amphibious, all-terrain machine with a good lateral view and ease of access. As a Multi-Terrain (MT) carrier, this vehicle could ride over earth, snow and water.

How it works

The MT Carrier is powered by a 1,000 cc four stroke engine, like those found in the Can-Am Outlander 1000 MR. The 2 all-season tracks are connected to a limited slip differential in the back, to achieve optimal traction while moving forward.

This vehicle is designed to be sturdy enough for use as a piece of private logging equipment, but it will also have a high gear to go faster in the trails to cover more ground. The MT Carrier is amphibious and will float well enough to carry 4 passengers. The air intake is located inside the roll over bars, while two mufflers are located high above the water line.

I am not certain if it would be possible to design tracks that could propel the vehicle in and out of the water. If not, a propeller could be installed at the back of the vehicle in order to help the vehicle achieve a good speed in the water.

The current images show a vehicle built for 4, but this could easily be designed for 6 people. To enter the vehicle, you open the rear cargo door and climb up, so it is easy to get in or out. Storage boxes are integrated underneath the vehicle seats.

The Images for the MT Carrier where created by Brian Ross Miller, a Freelance Product Designer based in Denver Colorado. Brian also created the renderings of the Trailtrike and the Motosphere.