The concept

The Fireliner is truck designed to cut trough a forest to create space between burning trees and the rest of the forest.

The background

Last summer there were many forest fires up north and some small towns had to be evacuated. I was trying to find a way back then, to stop or slow these forest fires from spreading from one zone to the next, as well as to protect the villages and towns simultaneously. One way to slow down a forest fire is to cut a line in the forest to serve as an anchor point, so that the flames cannot pass from one tree to another, and that is how I created the Fireliner Concept.

How it works

The FireLiner fits in the heavy industrial machine category. Think about Mining Vehicles, Forest harvesting equipment and Timberjacks fall into this category as well. Initially, I wanted to make sure it has power, and lots of it, so I equipped the vehicle with 1200 BHP EPA certified C-32 ACERT Diesel engine from Caterpillar. This engine is encased in the rear frame, which is linked with a swivel towards the front of the cabin frame. The Fireliner is equipped with a 10 foot high, spiked metal wheels for optimal traction and has a powerful gearbox to push trees and clear pathways within the forest. The driveshaft that powers the front wheels are not shown in the drawing, but I will make the vehicle 4WD. The operator controls the vehicle from within an air-conditioned cabin with a panoramic window. There are multiple cameras mounted onto the vehicle in order to ensure that the operator can see from all angles.

The Fireliner is equipped with a huge, hydraulic actuated ram/bumper to push down the trees. The wheels can crush them and a blade then clears them on either side of the vehicle. Loaders could probably follow the Fireliner in order to push the fallen trees to the side and harvest them. The vehicle is quite big so it would probably need to be shipped in three separate blocks (Engine, Cabin and Wheels). Maybe in the future it could even self-assemble and would be equipped with a hydraulic boom manipulator.

What it’s used for

The Fireliner’s primary use would be to clear out line in a forest to prevent fires from spreading and protect houses and equipment. It could also serve to clear out paths to build roads or push snow in the winter with a large blade. Of course, the metal wheels could be changed to rubber tires and the engine could be downsized.

The designer

The Images for the Fireliner where created by Brian Ross Miller, a Freelance Product Designer based in Denver Colorado. Brian also created the renderings for the Trailtrike concept.