The Concept

The Mekago is a modular kit designed for teens. It allows them to build several types of powersport vehicles using sub-assembly kits and simple tools. The starter pack would be simple and easy to use and should cost under $4 000. It would also be possible to purchase additional kits to upgrade the vehicle, convert it into other machines (Go-Kart, snowmobile, PWC) and even invent new machines with it!

The Background

Kids and teens love to assemble and disassemble things to understand how they work. They also love to drive machines in all types of weather, year-round. The idea of creating the Mekago kit was intended to help them learn the concepts of mechanics and to provide them with a powersport kit that they could use and play with all year long. You could say it’s an Erector kit for gown-ups.

How it works

The basic Mekago kit would include between one and three vehicles. For example, imagine an ATV, a snowmobile and a personal watercraft. It would come in a shipping crate with all the assembly instructions and the basic tools (similar to IKEA’s self-assembly concept). The motor that is included in the basic kit shouldn’t be too powerful, since it is intended for young teens. This concept is not about performance, but rather about stimulating creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. With a basic kit, a teenager might, for example, be able to assemble an ATV and then convert it to a snowmobile using the sub-assembly kit which is included.

Of course, teens should work on the kit with their parents and friends. They could also get some help from the online Mekago community. I think it would be possible to develop a series of optional kits that would increase the number of possible configurations for young do-it-yourselfers so they could build, ride and invent all kinds of vehicles.

What it’s used for

Today, purchasing three powersport vehicles would cost more than $20 000. I think a kit such as Mekago would give teens an opportunity to try different machines at a fraction of the price. More importantly still, would be to help them better understand the basic principles of physics (traction, torque, buoyancy, combustion etc.). A concept like Mekago would also initiate youth to the exciting world of powersports.

The Designer

The conceptual images of Mekago were created by Michael Gray, who is based in Melbourne, Australia and who graduated in Industrial Design with honors at RMIT Univesity.