The concept

The Photon is a mini-jet boat, built for two riders. With a design based on the mini-speedboats of the 1970’s, the Photon uses a four-stroke inboard engine, instead of an outboard engine, making the boat smaller, quieter, and much more fun to ride around in!

The background

I’ve always liked to ride on boats. One of my favorites, the 1993 Sea-Doo Speedster, arrived on the market around 20 years ago. The Speedster however, was still big compared to the Photon. The photon feels like a part of you when you ride it. The aim of the concept is to get a much more immersive experience with the water, to be able to feel like you are riding in the water, or at least, much closer to it.

How it works

The Photon is equipped with a 150 HP Rotax Marine Powerpack, which propels a water turbine located at the base of the hull. The ergonomic seating position of the pilot and passenger feels like you’re driving a racing car. I would envision a throttle and a brake pedal; similar to that of a car (Sea-Doo watercrafts are also now equipped with braking mechanisms). At the back of the boat, you could dive from a platform. The engine and drive will need to be tightly contained to keep the occupants close to the waterline, since this is the most important goal of the concept.

The Photon is the boat you use to go riding out with your friends on a hot summer day. It’s meant to cruise around, go fast, and be close to the water. This jet boat could be outfitted with a convertible rooftop, an excellent sound system and a ski hook. The rear deck would be a perfect location to serve as a scuba diving (or snorkeling) expedition start point.

The designer

I would like to thank Sebastian Campos who created the Photon’s image. Sebastian studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design and currently works from his office, based in Mexico. He also created the renderings of the Arrow urban car.