Santa Snow

The concept

The Santa Snow concept is an open top snowmobile for Santa’s present delivery.

The background

Since the world’s population is constantly on the rise, Santa has more and more children that he needs to deliver presents to each and every year. Although the reindeer try their best to keep up, the fact is that Santa simply can’t move fast enough to visit every single home on the same night. Not wanting to spoil anyone’s Christmas, Santa realized that he needed a new kind of sleigh so that he can bring presents to all of the children. The solution was to create a vehicle for Santa called the Santa Snow.

How it works

When the world was smaller, an open sleigh worked for Santa. For many generations Santa kept on using the sleigh while civilization moved onto motorized snowmobiles. The snowmobile is a lot like a sleigh only that is uses a high horse powered engine to do the work of the horses, sled dogs, or reindeer. That makes the snowmobile a popular choice for many people.

The Santa Snow is an open top snowmobile. This is similar to what Santa is used to from his sleigh. However one feature it has is that it can be equipped with a convertible top. That will block the wind on those especially cold Christmas eves or when Santa is flying fast with a simple touch of a button. The vehicle is also equipped with skis that allow Santa to maneuver easily. As Santa moves further south, he might find the snow to be lacking. That is why these skis can be replaced with wheels which allows Santa to drive on the open road.

Santa will also be able to take advantage of a number of different other kinds of upgrades from his sleigh. For starters, the Santa Snow has a large seat in the front for Santa himself. There is no back seat, but there is more than enough cargo space that can hold up to 1,000 pounds of Christmas presents. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with a tailgate which allows Santa to remove large gifts like bicycles. Finally the Santa Snow is equipped with dual snowmobile tracks that are attached to differential. The hydrogen fuel cell motor delivers up to 300 hp. Finally Santa can maintain his stealth by using the noise canceling technology that was created by Bose.

What it’s used for

The Santa Snow will be used on Christmas eve to deliver presents. However that is not the only purpose for the vehicle. After all, Christmas is only on one night of the year. During the rest of the year, Santa can use the Santa Snow to visit friends and cruise around the village. The back can be outfitted with two extra seats to accommodate passengers.

The designer

The Santa Snow can was created by Sebastian Campos. He used all of the Santa sleds along with cars from the 1930s to 1950s as inspiration. Sebastian is a designer from Mexico city who graduated with a degree in industrial design.