The concept

The SpringQuad is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) equipped with spring-loaded tires that can accumulate energy and act an additional suspension system.

The background

It was inspired by the new Springblade shoes from Adidas.

How it works

The idea is pretty straightforward: small flexible paddles / springs would cover each tire of the SpringQuad. These paddles bend and accumulate energy under pressure when the ATV hits bumps in the trails. Each spring would then releases its energy and propels the SpringQuad forward. The SpringQuad could be built by using an existing ATV such as the Renegade X xc from Can-Am it would be interesting to test different new tires based on the SpringQuad concept.

What it’s used for

Of course the shape and mechanism of this device can be designed differently – it could be much smaller, use different material, etc. Can it be used to store and release kinetic energy? Can it double as a suspension system or a way to save a small amount of fuel? I simply add the idea by reading about it in a Magazine, so your input is more than welcome.

The designer

The images for the SpringQuad were created by Brian Ross Miller, an Industrial Designer based in Denver, Colorado. Brian also created the renderings of the Motosphere.