The concept

The Bullet is an electric motorcycle that uses gyroscopes to keep its balance at low speed and an autopilot to drive you during your morning commute. Its body is based on the Bionic Dolphin and Seabreacher watercraft that features a fighter-style cockpit and which also inspired the creation of the Arrow concept.

The background

Vehicles such as the Bullet already exist today as prototypes. For instance, there is the Peraves Monotracer that uses side wheels to maintain balance at very low speed, and also the C-1 from LitMotors that uses gyroscopes to keep the vehicle stable also at low speeds, so the technology exists to stay balanced at a stoplight, and I would use the one from LitMotors.

How it works

The single-passenger Bullet is powered by two 30-kilowatt, liquid-cooled, double-sided synchronous motors from Heinzmann. The vehicle’s body is much more aerodynamic than the ‘Arrow’, and it would be interesting (if we had the time) to optimize its drag coefficient in a fluid dynamic software. To power the vehicle, I would use lithium-air batteries developed by the Battery 500 project from IBM and aim for a user-defined range that could be increased in 50-mile increments with the addition of optional battery packs.

What it’s used for

The Bullet was conceived to drive itself like the Google car. It’s been done at the Darpa Grand Challenge, and I am certain that a lot of people would choose this feature during their morning commute. The use of two motors is to increase acceleration and top speed. However, the buyer could also choose a single-motor package.

The designer

The images of the Bullet concept were conceived by Sebastian Campos. It has a funky look which will not suit every taste, but the idea is to let each buyer choose his own vehicle colors/graphics from thousands of possible choices. The body would thus be covered with printed vinyl graphics at the factory. Sebastian is based in Mexico. He also designed the  Surfout concept, a motorized surfboard.