The concept

The Wintryke is a three wheel drive (3WD) motorcycle designed especially for winter use. The 163hp two stroke engine and a carving seat will make the ride perfect for winters. Moreover, the Wintryke will also feature a stability system,like the one proposed by Bosch, programmed for winter roads.

The background

The idea for the Wintryke hit me while I was working on the Spyder project for BRP but it was only a year ago when I actually asked Brian Miller to start working on the idea. By the time we finished working on our concept, it was spring so I asked Brian to convert it into the ‘TrailTryke’. The main reason behind my idea of Wintryke was to give bikers a really amazing enduro type 3 wheel drive bike experience in chilly winters.

How it works

The vehicle is configured like a 3-wheeled dual purpose bike. The primary purpose of Wintryke will be to serve as a vehicle on snowy and icy roads. However, it could also be used in summers by switching the stability settings and the tires. The 163 hp two Stroke Direct-Injection 800cc Rotax engine would ensure that the bike is powerful enough to serve you all year long.

WinTryke has been designed very carefully and professionally. An example would be the location of the brakes. The front disk brakes would be mounted inboard, so that the response time of the suspension would increase due to reduction of unsprung weight. Similarly, the carving seat will instill an active riding style, making the rider enjoy his ride even more comfortably.  Moreover, the seat will also use a motorized force feedback system which will be programmed based on the speed and the radius of the curves taken.

Another interesting feature of the Wintryke comes from using the heat of the engine to keep the seat, legs and feet of the rider warm. The hot coolant pipes will be located in the seat, the bike’s frame and the foot rests. The carefully designed auxiliary heating system will be controlled by a digital thermostat linked to the dashboard of the Motorcycle. This system will be programmed so that the rider will have the option to adjust the temperature manually and the system will also be using electric heaters to compensate if the weather is really cold. Of course in summer it would be possible to shut down the system and heaven cool it down with an optional kit.

The designer

I would like to thank Brian Ross Miller, who created the images for the Wintryke concept. Bryan works as an Industrial Designer based in Denver, Colorado. Brian also created the renderings of the Motosphere.