The Concept

The Albator is a concept design of a supercar with the sole intention of leaping ahead a few generations of our modern day supercars. The idea is to transit from conventional modern supercar structures and imagine what a future car’s design would look like.

The Background

For your information, I have to admit that this week I’m taking a break! This concept was solely imagined by one of the Designers I am working with. I did not add much to his design other than the project title ‘Albator’. It’s the french version for Captain Harlock’s name, a fictionnal character created by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto. I tought this exotic car would be a good fit with this rebellious space pirate. This week, I encourage you to dream up any type of frame, motor, suspensions, cockpit for the Albator. Imagine what’s under the hood! Could it use an Atomic Battery for for fuel or plain old C8H18 ? Leave a comment if you wish!

How it Works

The design of the Albator consists of a taller hip and taller back making it unconventional to modern day super cars. Unlike most other cars belonging to the same league, the Albator does not have a long-established shoulder line which carries all the way back to the rear segment of the vehicle. The Albator bears peculiar carbon fiber wheels which add up to the whimsical design of the machine. The car is also geared with ‘teardrop’ headlights which pour into the front grill of the car, protecting the turbine which sucks in air. The Albator packs a (Fill blank here) mid-mounted powerpack supplying this masterpiece with a burst of torque leaving behind its predecessors with additional road space and dust!

The Designer

I would like to thank Abhishek Roy who created the idea and the images of the Albator. Abhishek is helping me on a new cool (and upcoming) concept as a freelance product designer based in Mumbai, India. Abhishek’s also created the Rakoon entry level snowmobile concept.