The concept

The Tachyon is a powersport application linked to your vehicle, riding gear, cloud data, your buddies, your family, and even search and rescue services. It would be designed and built to improve your riding experience and increase fun & safety during your expeditions.

The Background

I started riding vehicles a long, long time ago when cell phones and the internet didn’t exist. There was no cloud computing, no 911 service, and not even electronic modules in our snowmobiles or motocross! Today all these things plus many more exist that could all be combined to make powersports riding a more immersive and safe experience.The Tachyon concept attempts to combine of all those technologies to create a 21st-Century powersport riding experience.

How it works

First, I would built a smartphone (or device) application that could synchronize with new vehicles. Most powersports vehicles are equipped with advanced electronic modules. These small onboard computers know your speed, vehicle angles, engine performance, and other technical data. This means that the application could display the information on your smarphone/device, and even store it locally or on a remote server (cloud). Second, I would also connect the application with your riding gear equipped with biometric sensors. Companies such as Hexoskin are now offering shirts that can detect your movement, respiration, activity, etc. It would be fairly easy to create a series of sensors and feedback devices embedded in your riding gear that could be synchronized with the Tachyon application.

The Tachyon application would thus be able to track where you are and measure your pace. If you are riding on a trail with dangerous sections, the Tachyon app could access the information (prior to the ride or real-time) and warn you by audio or visual feedback. For instance, it could tell you to watch out for a treacherous curve in the trail up ahead because another Tachyon user will already have passed there. Maybe some will have even missed that curve, and the system will notice the incident. I don’t need to explain in detail why this would be useful. Everyone who’s ridden a new trail knows that feedback is always good.

The system could store or retrieve the data when you ride and display/transmit it based on your progress or based on your actual speed or projected speed, etc. In a nutshell, it would protect you and help you become a better rider. It could also detect other incoming riders and warn you in advance. It could keep a connection with your other riding friends and warn your family in case of an emergency. Imagine, for instance, that you got hurt and needed some assistance right away, or that you get lost and the Tachyon app stops reporting your trail progress. The search area would be narrowed immediately. Of course, nobody wants an app to be used to spy on your whereabouts, so you will definitely able to control what data is used or sent, similar to how you control your Facebook or iPhone settings. You have live traffic feedback on your iPhone, why not riding feedback? It needs to add value to your riding experience.

What it’s used for

You probably have some ideas of your own, like heads-up display in your helmet, or maybe syncing with your Hero camcorder? Sharing a live video feed with friends, including your vehicle’s technical feed and your bodymetrics? The possibilities are limitless! The whole idea is about bringing existing technologies together and applying them to powersports riders.

The designer

The Tachyon images were created by Sebastian Campos Möller, who owns a design studio in Mexico. He has graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sebastian has also created the images for The Bullet, the Arrow.