The concept

The Cosmos is an autonomous lounge car that would combine the luxury of a limousine, the flexibility of a medium-sized automobile, and the privacy of a boudoir. Designed to accommodate six people facing each other, it has a unique cocktail table could be used to work or relax, or it could even used as a bed. Panoramic windows and a roof built of smart glass could also double as projection screens.

Origin of the idea

Limousines are impressive, but they are bulky, expensive, and you always have the chauffeur to deal with. Imagine if taxis could become as comfortable as limousines but without the hassle or cost? This is what I had in mind when I thought about the Cosmos. I wanted a cool vehicle that could use autonomous driving technology with the amenities of new cars. In fact, I think the Cosmos could probably exist within a few years. This is how our taxi cab of the future could look and what it might offer .

How it works

The Cosmos would be equipped with electric motors and lithium-air batteries. Note: We have drawn hubless wheels with electromagnetic airless tires to give it a more futuristic look, but conventional wheels and tires would do just fine. They would also be less expensive and more readily available.

The Cosmos would have large French doors, making it easier to enter the car and sit down facing each other. The table could be hidden in the floor to provide more space. It could also be elevated to make it easier to enter the car, and it could slide down with an electric motor, just like a power window. If you wish to transform the Cosmos into a “Night Car” you could simply lower the table and use the seats and back rest cushions to create a queen-size bed.

Television screens could deploy or be projected on each window. You could even deploy a double-sided screen in the middle of the car. It would be possible to use the window projectors to link with other Cosmos cars to talk with your friends and create an immense immersive lounge!

A surround-sound system would provide your favourite musical ambience, and LED lights would adapt to your mood (working, reading, talking, lounging, and even sleeping). The Cosmos would come equipped with a 500-mile (805 km) lithium-air battery pack and an inductive/wireless charging system. Every window would use Smart Glass to shut out all outside light with the flick of a switch. Both beds could be cooled or heated, and noise-cancellation speakers would eliminate (or at least reduce) outside noises.

What it’s used for
I see the Cosmos as a new kind of limo-taxi fleet. Each user would request and pay his fare by using a mobile application. Customer assistance would be available 24/7, and you could you could even stay in the Cosmos to continue partying late at night (or sleep) since the fare would adapt itself based on how you use the vehicle.

The designer
The Cosmos images were created by Sebastian Campos Möller, who owns a design studio in Mexico. Sebastian graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sebastian has also created the images for The Arrow and the SurfOut.