The concept

The Rolinfüd is an electric truck offering street food in cities, also called a ‘food truck’. It can recharge itself and power all its equipment using induction plates integrated into the road (wireless electricity). Some models could also ‘stretch’ to increase their interior work space similarly to the Apendix and Centauri concepts.

The background

In 2013 the city of Montreal allowed a few restaurants to offer food in the streets with ‘food trucks’. Initially, only a few restaurants received approval to offer this service, but it seems that the city has now decided to expand this service to more restaurants. Therefore, we will finally have ‘food trucks’ in the streets of Montreal just like in New York or Los Angeles!

It was while watching one of those rolling kitchens last year that I began to think about how to improve them. First, I think they should be propelled by electric motors and furbished and with electrical equipment in order to reduce noise pollution and CO2 emissions. Most of them run on generators, which are noisy and don’t smell very pretty (I don’t see how this can be compatible with food…).

How it works

This kind of truck doesn’t need to do a lot of mileage. They are normally found at the same ‘spot’ every day, which means they could be motorized by electric motors and use an induction charging system during their operating hours (wireless electricity). Air conditioning, lighting, refrigerators and other equipment could run on electricity. The cook-top could also work with induction.

The truck frame would resemble a transit bus like the ones built by Novabus or the Écolobus used in Quebec city. I like the square shape, which maximizes space, and I wouldn’t make them too long to facilitate rolling in narrow streets. An interesting option would be to ‘extend’ the Rolinfüd with a switch when needed to increase the interior work space. As an example, the service counter could be part of such an extension. The Rolinfüd would be equipped with an air suspension to reduce its height when serving clients.

Customers could pay for their food with a mobile device or a smart credit card, and could even pay in advance. The Rolinfüd would be equipped to receive such payments and it would come with a simple and effective accounting application to help restaurateurs focus on their main job: cooking good food! Each Rolinfüd would also offer a wireless connection, music, terrace and ambient lighting. Optional OLED TVs mounted on the walls would display the restaurant’s menu and/or advertising and TV shows.

The designer

I want to thank Xavier Gordillo for creating images of the concept Rolinfüd. Xavier studied car design at the Institute of European Design (IED) and currently works as a freelance industrial designer. Xavier also created images of Chipmunk and the Motorail.