The concept

The Valthor is a small three wheels side-by-side motorcycle equipped with a fixture on its roof allowing it to cross a river or city on a cable. It can tilt in curves and it has large panoramic doors on its sides. The Valthor’s motor option could be electric, natural gas, diesel or gasoline.

The background

As in most cities of the world, we have our fair share of traffic in Montreal. Currently, Architects and Engineers are designing a new bridge to cross the St. Lawrence River. Recently, I was crossing the existing bridge and I started asking myself if it was possible to design a small vehicle capable of crossing the river on a cable much like Aerial Tramways that can be found on major ski resorts? This system’s infrastructure could also be used in combination with passenger cabins and Valthor motorcycles to cross or exit a city.

How it works

The Valthor is a leaning three wheel motorcycle concept. It would behave on the road similarly to other three-wheeled bikes, but it would possess a clamping mechanism on its roof to attach itself to an aerial tram cable. The mast (connecting the Valthor to the Cable) would be attached at the pairing station. This way, there would not be any foldable mast attached to the Valthor and it would make it easier to ride around without anything in the way.

To use the cable crossing system, the Valthor’s driver would drive its vehicle to the pairing station. The system would then automatically pair the Valthor with a mast and the cable. The driver wouldn’t need to carry out any operation. The crossing would certainly be spectacular and some safety features would be implemented (locking door system, Redundancy in the attachment etc). There could also be several pairing stations on each end to optimize the flow of vehicles travelling at any time on the cable.

What it’s used for

Obviously the construction and maintenance cost of an aerial cable are much lower than the cost for constructing a bridge. The ecological footprint of an aerial cable is also less important than a bridge. However, the effort required to develop such a system and have it adopted by a sufficient number of buyers is significant. The technology is already available, but the willpower or the demand is perhaps not strong enough? Combining passenger cabins and small vehicles like the Valthor on a cable system could become a reality one day. Maybe the place or the combination will be different ? If you have any ideas or comments to improve this concept, I Invite you to contact me.

The designer

I would like to thank Mauricio Mozeto who created the images of the Valthor concept. Mauricio lives near Belo Horizonte in Brazil. He completed his studies in Design at the UNESP and he currently works as a visualization designer for Fiat Chrysler.