The concept

If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Jetsons, you’ve probably wondered what vehicles from the future would look like. The Qualifier is an autonomous electric motorcycle concept that could bring the experience of riding to a whole new level. It’s equipped with two 30-kilowatt liquid-cooled motors and a smart gyroscopic system to keep it upright on two wheels at stoplights.

The background

Vehicles similar in style to the Qualifier have been around for decades, most of them as prototypes. The C-1, designed by Lit Motors. uses gyroscopes to keep the vehicle stable at low speeds, or balanced at stop lights. This is the kind of technology that would be used in the Qualifier.

How it works

The Qualifier’s shape is similar to the Bionic Dolphin and SeaBreacher personal watercraft. It features a fighter-style cockpit and its looks are similar to my Arrow concept, but it’s much more aerodynamic and it can be optimized to go fast or to save fuel, whichever you prefer.

The vehicle will feature a manual mode that will be thrilling to drive, and an autopilot to get you to your destination while you check your e-mail or have coffee. Science fiction? No, its been done by the Blue Team at the Darpa Grand Challenge (see video).

What it’s used for

The Qualifier could play a role in the coming Transport Electrification projects around the world. It takes up only a quarter of a car’s parking space and it uses less than a quarter of its energy. It doesn’t make any noise, nor does it pollute. It’s not a glamorous mode of transportation, but if you want to commute to work every day in your own personal vehicle while working or relaxing, this could be an excellent alternative.

The designer

The cost of such a vehicle should be charged by the mileage or the time you use it. The images of the Qualifier concept were conceived by Sebastian Campos, who is based in Mexico. Sebastian also designed the Arrow and Surfout concepts.