The concept

The Syklone is a straddle type hovercraft designed to ride on all types of terrain. It’s equipped with an 82hp 1000cc Rotax engine, two ducted fans and a skirt for hovering and a rear propulsion system.

The background

I always wanted to ride a hovercraft, but never go the chance to try one. They are difficult to control and make a lot of noise, but their ability to ride over ground and water without having to stop is appealing. I was wondering if we could build such a vehicle by using existing ATV parts. A hovercraft with a straddle type seating position like on a snowmobile or ATV.

Therefore, to build the Syklone, I was thinking about using a Can-Am Outlander Max and equip it with fans under its frame and a skirt system so it could float above all terrain like a hovercraft.

I would use one of the output shaft (PTO) of the engine to power two lightweight ducted fans housed in the ATV (They could be linked by a Kevlar reinforced drive belt or a drive shaft). The second power take off would power a propeller located behind the pilot and push air to move the vehicle forward and direct it with steerable rudders.

In order to float, the Syklone needs an ‘air cushion’. This system looks like a black jacket that wraps around the craft and also serves to protect the craft like an inflated bumper. The air needs to be pulled inside this ‘skirt’ by air intakes located on top of the vehicle or on the sides. The front and rear rack could be removed on the vehicle and the frame could be modified to house a front and rear ducted fan.

Of course the vehicle’s frame would need to be reconfigured completely. I am not certain if the size of these fans would be sufficient, but additional intakes could be added on the sides. The other difficulty would be to design a transmission/control system to manage the fans and propeller’s speed independently efficiently.

What it’s used for

As you can Imagine, there is still a lot of work to do before a Syklone prototype it’s the test track. I will keep you posted on this concept and if you have some idea or comments don’t hesitate to contact me,

The designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer, who created the image for the Syklone. Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A.; He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Rubix, the Electroller, and the Joust.