The concept

The Centorus is a high-tech fitness system revolving around a tower. It uses centrifugal force to boost your workout experience. It increases your metabolism and blood flow while you practice Yoga, exercise on a fitness machine, or even surf the web while you relax on a designer chair!

The background

A few years ago, I saw an article featuring a fitness machine composed of two training bicycles facing each other and revolving on a platform. That article gave me the idea for the Centorus. I thought about building a machine with a 50-foot radius to test the concept, but I never had the time to start the project. The idea came back to me this summer (while I was training), but this time I thought about integrating the whole system in a much larger tower building.

The Centorus is basically a fitness center shaped like a Torus (a doughnut). The whole floor of the machine would revolve around the building inside a circular corridor, so it could be easily integrated into a high-rise hotel. Such a location seems more convenient due to the large radius of these towers and also the proximity and affluence of daily customers.

The floor of the Centorus would look like a compact disc (think of the lines like the rings of Saturn). This floor would rotate inside the Torus. On this moving platform you would have ‘personal’ spaces for each customer. You could use your spaces to stand up and practice yoga positions while the Centorus is moving. In other spaces, you could have training equipment like treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowing machines etc.

Some spaces could feature ergonomic chairs facing the center of the building. To access your chair, you would jog along the circular corridor and hop on the rotating platform. Your chair would face the center of the building, but would be able to swivel on its base, and you would be able to change the seating position (angled, reclined, etc.). Clients of the Centorus Training Center would sit in their chairs and relax while listening to music, reading, or playing with their iPad.

The pressure exerted on the body by the centrifugal force would increase your blood flow and boost your metabolism. This would also exert pressure on your muscle fibres, which would ‘power-up’ your training. The Centorus’s floor would complete a revolution of the building approximately every minute. Of course, the concept would require testing to determine the optimal rotational speed without making most people sick (we all have different thresholds). The floor’s speed could be increased or greatly reduced to take advantage of a spectacular view.

I would love to discuss this idea with people who are already working in this field, such as astronaut trainers. I am curious as to the benefit of exercising (Cross-fit, Aerobics, Yoga) with a small to moderate centrifugal force exerted on the body. For instance would 0,5G make a difference on a monthly basis?

What it’s used for

I picture the Centorus on the upper floors of a futuristic tower in Las Vegas, Dubai, or Japan. The technology (rotating floors) already exists, and if the idea does not yield good results it can always be converted into a cool lounge bar that would rotate once every hour.

The designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer, who created the renderings of the Forestlab. Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images of the CityJet urban Quad and the Snowrama II concepts for snowmobiles.