The concept

The Hexarig is an advanced height wheel drive (8WD) trailer concept equipped with rear motorized wheels that could also steer to increase its manoeuvrability. It would also be powered by an engine that would run on Hydrogen instead of Diesel. (Hydrogen created by clean Hydro-Electricity).


The Background

I recently worked on a construction project located about 1km in the woods from the main road. The access was narrow and the road featured a few inclinations. When your walking or driving your car on such a trail it seems pretty easy. But for a 48 foot trailer loaded with wood its whole other story, most of the time they won’t even venture there because there is a risk of getting stuck. I imagined the Hexarig as a solution for delivering goods in such locations. I would make it make it possible for the truck and trailer to climb hills, or back up from them without having to empty the whole load. It would also help in situations where rear steerable wheels with traction are needed.


How it works

The Hexarig would be equipped with rear hydraulic steerable wheels. The driver could turn them with a joystick at low speed. A more advanced system could link the steering with a computer so that the wheels could steer automatically when manoeuvring in cities. The technology needed to make wheels turn and steer already exist. Of course there is cost attached to making them turn and there is a technical challenge to reduce that cost down but nevertheless it could become a feature on open and closed trailers

Another feature that could be added to the Hexarig would be rear electric motors that would assist the driver when backing up hills or during difficult snowy conditions. Part of the power (Generator) of the main engine could be diverted to electric motors linked to the rear wheels. This power could also recharge batteries located under the flatbed. A trailer equipped with motorized wheels would definitely be useful when travelling in winter conditions or when it needs to pass through rough trails where traction is needed.

We also tried to incorporate fuel saving features on the Hexarig like the wind deflectors on the back and front of the trailer and between its wheels. These deflectors reduce drag at high speed and makes it possible to save energy. Slide down covers could also be added over the wheels to reduce drag like on the Overdrive concept.


What’s it used for

The Hexarig trailer could be used by shipping companies that need to deliver merchandise in tough and remote locations. For instance 200 km inland on a rough trail. It could come with or without electric motors and deflectors. It could also be made available on flatbed trailers. It could also be used in winter or in arctic regions.


The Design

I I would like to thank Abhishek Roy who created the images of the Hexarig. Abhishek is the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, a start-up design lab based in India. Abhishek’s team also created the renderings for the Rakoon snowmobile.