The Concept

The Windigo concept is a new generation of transport and logistic Hovercraft that would built and designed to serve in the Canadian Arctic, or in cold regions of the world.


The Background

I believe we will need more types of crafts in the coming years to transport people and merchandise from various locations based in regions where ice is predominant. (Coastal villages, Mining operations, Military bases and Research outposts).


How it works

The Windigo would be equipped with huge fans to create a lift under its ultra resistant skirt. It would use scimitar propellers like on the Airbus 400M for propulsion, powered by 2 500hp+ Pratt and Whitney engines. It would also feature a huge snow blade (or plow) in the front to break ice on impact. It would be fairly massive so it would yield a lot of energy when hitting small to medium ice banks.

The Windigo would be able to carry whole trucks (50 feet) and shipping containers. A gantry system would speed up unloading and this crane would also serve as the control center for the Hovercraft. The front plow could also serve as double doors that could open in the front by folding  down or opening sideways.

The Designer

I would like to thank Robin Ritter who created the images of the Windigo concept. Robin is based in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied at the HfG, and he has worked as an intern at Porsche and Eurocopter. Robin also created the renderings of the Antares and Nunavik concept.