The concept

The Jumptric is a new generation of trampoline that would be equipped with electric solenoid actuators to give you an extra boost when you jump on it or to help you decelerate as well.


The background

The trampoline has been around for a long time, but hasn’t evolved too much over the last sixty years. You don’t want children getting hurt playing on them if they jump too high, but what if professional acrobats in Cirque du Soleil–type shows were to use them? A muscled up trampoline like the Jumptric could be used to create new incredible stunts!


How it works

The Jumptric looks like an ordinary trampoline with a central mat and springs in a circle surrounding it. But a percentage (between 10% and 100%) of the springs would be replaced with inline electric actuators. These actuators would help pull the central mat, along with the other springs, to lift the user up in the air. They would be activated as soon as the other spring would start to pull back the mat. In fact the programming could be modified by the user, based on his preferences.

Of course, the type of device (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.) used to pull the trampoline could vary, along with the quantity used (10%, 50% 100%). The system could also be programmed with adjustable force, timing, and sensors to fit the client’s requirements. The whole idea is to improve trampolines so they become more intelligent and more fun.

The Jumptric could even be programmed to absorb and slow down the impact instead of boosting you up again. A voice activation software (like Apple’s Siri) could interact with the jumper along with a video camera that could calculate where you will land. Maybe the Jumptrix could be even be mounted on powered wheels to move along with you! But that’s another concept…


What it’s used for

The Jumptric could be used in the entertainment industry, but it could also be used on a smaller scale by individuals to simply have fun. Imagine using it jump further into a lake in a them park! I imagine the risk of injury would deter manufacturers from building such a machine for the consumer market, but maybe the guys at Nitro Circus will be willing to give it a try with a ramp and a big wheel!


The Designer

The Jumptric concept was developed in collaboration with Jan Bujnak, an Industrial Designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislavia and works as a Freelance designer. Jan has also produced the concept images for the Powersphere.