The concept

The Crackpod is a new generation of crazy carpet sled designed for grown-ups. It would feature a padded interior, clear windshield with front LED lights, and a steering system to avoid those not-so-cool crashes in trees!


The background

Last weekend I was out in the late afternoon sliding down my driveway with the kids using one of their crazy carpets (a sled made of sheet plastic). As you can imagine, I had difficulty trying to steer it in the right direction. Most of the time, the sled was veering to one side of the road or the other. I also noticed the ride was quite rough, and it was hard to see in the late afternoon light.

When we got back home for supper, I started talking about this with my wife and kids and brainstormed a new slide concept for adults. I know there are tons of products out there, but I decided to create a new cool winter sled that could address the problems I encountered. The name ‘crazy carpet’ needed a revamp, so I thought ‘Crack Pod’ would fit with my new vehicle.


How it works

First of all, the slide would be built with an integral skin, also called a “self-skinning foam,’’ like the ones manufactured by PPD. It has a microcellular core with a tough, abrasion-resistant outer surface.

Integral skin foams come in a wide range of moulded densities, and they are the perfect solution for a broad variety of applications that require a soft touch and feel, as well as a highly durable finish. This means the Crackpod would have an impact resistant plastic hull to slide downhill and a comfortable interior for the pilot.

A clear plastic windshield would be snapped in place on the front part of the sled. This would protect you from snow, ice, and wind. You could also raise your head to see above the windshield.

Behind the windshield, there would be handgrips to hold onto. An optional steering system could replace these grips with two handles and give you the possibility to steer the sled left or right. This could be achieved by adding a small rudder under the sled by using small skis. Is a steering mechanism necessary? Maybe not; small grooves could probably do the job of keeping you in line. I think more tests are necessary…

Two LED headlights would let you see what’s coming up ahead of you after sunset. Other LEDs could also be fixed on the side of the Crackpod to give it more style (like colored LEDs).


What it’s used for

The best answer is: to have fun! We can also add: to reduce the risk of accident, to ride more comfortably, to see more clearly, and to spend more time with the kids!


The Designer

The Crackpod concept was developed in collaboration with Jan Bujnak, an Industrial Designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislavia and works as a Freelance designer. Jan has also produced the concept images for the Jumptric concept.