The concept

The Metamo is a low cost toy vehicle with interchangeable bodies made of strong, sandwiched cardboard that can be easily recycled. Children aged 4-10 years would be able to order and even create different vehicle models and install it themselves. I named this concept Metamo for Metamorphosis.


The background

I have kids and I knew that at one point, they would want to have a small electric vehicle. Armed with this information, I shopped around at what was available in large retail stores and asked myself, “why are these toys so expensive and why the lack of variety?” With rapid prototyping machines popping everywhere, wouldn’t it be possible to simply buy a frame from Hasbro and manufacture your own body made of cardboard with a special Maker Bot ?


How it works

The Metamo low cost toy vehicle comes in a basic kit that does not include the body. It however includes a frame made of hardwood rods or painted metal tubes (pinched on each end). Kids then assemble this frame together with bolts, nuts and lock washers. The kit features plastic wheels (airless) about 12 inch in diameter with an integrated suspension in them.

It also includes an electric motor that would drive the rear wheels (rigid axle with a chain or belt drive.) The battery is actually a small 12-volt battery and with this toy vehicle, it is very possible to add two of them in the battery rack in a bid to increase the range of the Metamo. The front wheels would also boast of a direction system with a steering wheel that can be interchanged at intervals or just taken off. The toy car would also be equipped with LED lights.

The above mentioned kit can be purchased from a toy manufacturer online for a reasonable price that will actually not dent your wallet! The main feature of the Metamo would be its interchangeable set of body made of cardboard. These could be purchased separately online from multiple creators. They would all bolt on to the frame near the same anchor points and it would be a really simple process but intelligent and well designed.

Buyers could also design their own vehicle body using 3D software from Autodesk and sent it to a local Maker Bot owner who would use a specially designed rapid prototyping machine to print the cardboard body.


What it’s used for?

The Metamo would be sold to young kids aged 4 to 10 years whose interest is in mechanics. These kids could learn the basic vehicle systems such as frame, direction, motor, body etc. and even learn how to invent new bodies while recycling their vehicle at the same time. This would be an eye opener for them in regards to designing and operating cars and who knows, they might be the future inventors of a machine that is out of this world!


The Designer

The Metamo concept was developed in collaboration with Xavier Gordillo, an Industrial Designer from Trebic in the Czech Republic; Xavier studied Car Design at the Europe Design Institute (IED) and he works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. He also produced the concept images for the Motorail and Rolinfüd urban food truck concept.