The concept

The Interceptor is a driverless police motorcycle equipped with 3D cameras, a complex monitoring system, and the ability to issue citations and record violations on the fly. This Police Drone can also patrol streets at night and carry out neighbourhood watch silently.


The Background

With the advancement of pilotless technology we now have new solutions to basic needs in our public works systems, including in the area of public safety. Traffic cameras have been around for years, recording violations and dispensing tickets to offenders. The Interceptor is the natural evolution of that technology, placing a driverless vehicle in the midst of traffic, giving law enforcement a mobile observation vehicle that can monitor traffic from the street with a level of accuracy and versatility that was never before possible.


How it works.

The Interceptor’s main function is to tracks offenders and to issue tickets. It accomplishes this goal with the help of a commanding 18Kw electric-powered engine that not only looks cool, but provides the Interceptor with the ability to take traffic monitoring to new levels of efficiency and flexibility. The internal gyroscope system ensures that the Interceptor maintains perfect balance at all times, even when stopped at a traffic light. With multiple cameras and sensors, external speakers and two different communication systems, this vehicle is fully equipped to record offenses in real-time and to communicate that information in a clear and definitive manner. Onboard GPS allows the Interceptor to talk with piloted patrol cars and inform them of its status at any given time. It only takes one police officer to supervise five Interceptor units, meaning greater coverage with a minimal effect on staffing.

While patrolling, the Interceptor scans license plates for registration violations, and records offenders in real-time video complete with audio and important statistics such as time and date, location, and speed. The unit then issues citations the moment the infraction is confirmed and can deliver by e-mail, text message, or standard mailing address.

When a violation is recorded the Interceptor does not bother to stop. The unit alerts the offender with a flashing light that an offense has been recorded and a ticket has been sent. If the driver continues their illegal behavior, the Interceptor will simultaneously follow the offending vehicle and alert nearby police officers so they may make contact with the driver.

Twin motorized cameras mounted on either side of the bike allow the Interceptor to create 3D images of the environment around an offense and record every aspect of the event.


What it’s used for.

The Interceptor is not simply a tool for police departments to issue more tickets. Each unit means one patrol officer that used to be dedicated to simple traffic violations can be now reallocated to more urgent police business. It is a recreation of how traffic is monitored and a change to the very nature of policing drivers.

An Interceptor can be operated at any hour, in any location that will accommodate a typical motorcycle. With its silent motor, the Interceptor could monitor any location at night without causing a disturbance, and with night vision cameras and infrared sensors it would be able to provide reports and insight beyond what the normal police officer is capable of providing. Equipped with directional lights and holographic messages, the Interceptor also proves its worth in directing traffic and alerting drivers of hazards.


The Designer

The Interceptor renderings were produced by Jan Metelka, located in the Czech Republic. Jan studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. He has also created the images for the Snowrama I, the Watrix hydrofoil watercraft, the Phantom 1 driverless racing car.