The concept

The Motopolo is a specially designed electric motocross-style motorcycle designed for playing Polo. Riders will be able to control their bikes with one hand and score by driving a small ball into the opposing team’s goal using a long-handled mallet.


The Background

Polo has been around since the 6th century and is traditionally played on horseback, with one hand on the reins and the other holding a mallet. But what if there was a motorcycle that could be controlled with a single hand? It’s an add question, but once it was posed the next question was, “Why not?” There are plenty of applications for a motorcycle that can be controlled with one hand, even if motorized polo is not one of them.


How it works

The Motopolo is built like an endurance or trial bike. It needs to be agile enough to manoeuver at low speed and accelerate rapidly. I opted for an electric power pack because it is odourless on the field and creates no exhaust fumes. The other upside is the instant torque provided by electric motors, which would come in handy when a player needs to bolt to the end of the field rapidly.

Finally there would be almost no noise coming form the Motopolo other then the sounds coming from the chain or belt drive and the friction of the tires on the turf. This means players will easily be able to communicate to each other and the crowd will be able to hear them.

Of course pilots will be able to control their bikes with one hand. The accelerator could either be fitted on the handlebar or on one of the two foot pegs, the preference being determined after product testing. The controls need to be precise and easy to use, with power steering to further reduce the force needed to turn the front wheel. It would also be necessary for the system to be ambidextrous, allowing players to alternate between one side and the other depending on the approach they are making. The goal would be absolute control with one hand, and complete freedom with the other.


What it’s used for

The Motopolo was first designed to play a motorized version of polo, but that does not place a limit this versatile little motorcycle. Application can include any task where the rider would only have one hand available, from a paper boy and a surveyor painting markings of the roadways, to an amputee, the Motopolo is designed for ease of use in a safe and ecofriendly package.


The Designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer, who created the renderings of the Motopolo and contributed to the whole concept. Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Spike, the Daredevil and the Kübe.