The Concept

The Rambler is a leaning enduro-style trike that you drive from a standing position – something we call skatesurfing. The sensation is a cross between riding a dirt bike in the desert, surfing on waves in the Pacific, and rollerblading down a track. The Rambler is all about the experience, even offering an auto-pilot feature that would allow the operator become fully immersed in the experience.

The Background

The idea for the Rambler started with the Motopolo project before it took a far more radical direction. The design of the bike revolves around a reimagined idea of the traditional driver’s position, allowing the pilot to operate the Rambler from a standing position which mimics a skater’s stance in an ergonomic and flexible pose. Then we decided to take the bike even further, to a level that would put it on par with something from the new Mad Max movie. The design team didn’t just want the Rambler to look different. They wanted the Rambler to have a bad ass attitude and a performance potential to match. As a result, the Rambler is an all-surface machine giving the operator the freedom to take this bike anywhere they dare. Dirt. Pavement. Sand. Trails. Hills. You set the destination, and the Rambler is designed to deliver a unique and stimulating experience unlike anything else currently available.

How it works

To deliver a superior riding experience, the Rambler needed a superior power plant. Powering the bike is a two stroke triple cylinder supercharged Rotax engine capable of generating over 250hp, delivering more power than most superbikes on the marketplace.

Technically, the Rambler would be able to drive itself with subtle cues from the operator. Eye tracking technology combined with an AI hard drive would allow the bike to determine the driver’s destination and select an optimal course, allowing the rider to focus on their experience from the role of a participating passenger. The Rambler’s AI would be able to avoid obstacles while creating a smooth and pleasurable riding adventure, one where the rider only needs to hold on and enjoy the ride.

Not ready to hand over the reins? Switch the Rambler manual mode and take full control of this versatile and powerful performance machine. Piloting the Rambler is a combination of handlebar steering and foot pressure, which leans the bike to the operator cut through turns with incredible stability. The standing position opens up a host of possibilities for laser-accurate steering and ultimate control of a machine that moves with the rider and creates unparalleled unity between rider and vehicle.

What it’s used for

In a word, the Rambler is all about the experience of man united with a machine for the most incredible and versatile bike experience imaginable. This vehicle has the potential for creating a whole new market of power sport enthusiasts, similar to the side-by-side craze. Skatesurfers would have the ability to enjoy their sport on any continent, in any condition, on or off road, giving this flexible vehicle everything necessary to become a bike with a world-wide market, meeting the needs of recreational riders everywhere.

The Designer

I would like to thank Ray Mattison from Design Eye-Q who created the renderings of the Rambler concept. Ray is based near Duluth Minnesota, USA. He studied at the College for Creative Studies, and he has worked for Cirrus Aircraft and Exodus Machines. Ray also created the images of the Mitzuchi ocean cleaning catamaran, the Aladin urban transportation system, and the Argentic ground effect aircraft concept.