The concept

Imagine being able to take your business anywhere, in a sleek, efficient, professional mobile operation. Picture the freedom of taking your service where the demand is greatest, the market is strongest, and the potential for profit is highest. To do this, you would need a vehicle, equipped with the right tools, and designed specifically for entrepreneurs. The MicroBiz is a fully mobile business operation contained within a stylish and modern vehicle. It allows you to go to where you are needed most, and to create a market on the move.

The Background

The MicroBiz is an answer not only to the high costs of starting a small business, but to the limitations of a traditional fixed site operation. Whether you are looking for a versatile and mobile operation center, or you are looking to add flexibility to your traditional location, the MicroBiz is the solution. This vehicle gives you all the operating power of a brick and mortar location with the mobility and ease of your commuter. Whether you are selling magazines or sandwiches, performing manicures for professionals or infrastructure inspections for the city, the MicroBiz is your office, right where you want it.

How it works

The MicroBiz is for anyone that is looking to expand their existing business, increase the mobility of their operation, or start a new and exciting career in a dynamic and effective way. Owners and operators of the MicroBiz secure a location for their vehicle, plug in to an approved power source, and they are ready to go. The MicroBiz is fully equipped to meet all of your mobile business needs, and is credit card and debit card machine ready.

The onboard point of sale system is also equipped with PayPass technology, giving clients even more options for quick and effortless purchasing. The outside of the vehicle is equipped with a fully digital display that could be customized as a menu, a price list for services, headlines and points of interest, or general marketing of services.

The real benefit is the cost savings of such an operation. Far less expensive to own and operate than a traditional fixed location, the MicroBiz doubles as your office and commuter. Maximize your time and money by combining these assets into one convenient package.

What it’s used for

More than just another food truck, the MicroBiz is a completely mobile business solution. Sure you can prepare and sell food from the convenience of a stylish and modern vehicle, but the applications of the MicroBiz go far beyond that. From a handyman that would like the ability to accept credit and debit card payments on site, to the clothing company that wants a mobile location for fairs and events, the only limitation on the MicroBiz is your imagination.

You can operate a coffee stand, a mobile repair service, or run a veterinarian office with the ability to take the clinic to your clients. In the end, there really is only question: What would you do with your MicroBiz?

The Designer

I would like to thank Boris Schwarzer, who created the renderings of the MicroBiz and contributed to the whole concept. Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies. He also created the images for the Motopolo and the Joust.