The concept

The Maskek is an amphibious side-by-side snowmobile built to ride any season of the year. It’s a cross between the side-by-side Can-Am Defender, a Ski-Doo Elite, and a BB Carrier. It features a dual steering mode that lets the driver alternate between power steering and skid steering depending on the need.

The background

Maskek is the Cree word for bogland. If there is one place where I haven’t ventured too much with my vehicles, it’s marshes and swamps. It’s always a showstopper when you encounter them with a snowmobile or an ATV.

That’s why I created the Maskek concept with Adolfo Esquivel, it’s meant to be used as a multi-purpose vehicle capable of crossing bodies of water when you encounter them. It would also have the ability to ride on snowmobile trails in winter and carry stuff around with its large box bed.

How it works

The Maskek would be built on an aluminum frame and equipped with a 300hp Rotax ACE engine. This engine is currently used for marine products, but a land version could be adapted. This new version would have two output shafts so all four tracks would be powered. A 150-amp alternator would provide enough current for all the electrical equipment, including power steering for the front tracks.

The Maskek would have a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a three-speed speed gear box. The middle gear would be used most of the time, but the pilot would also be able to use the high gear to attain a top speed of 100 kph when it’s riding on snowmobile trails, or the lower, more powerful gear to carry heavy loads at low speeds.

The Maskek is configured to carry four people with a 2 + 2 seat distribution. It would be possible to change the internal layout to have more room to transport cargo by flipping the rear seat down. The track lengths could be also be changed depending on the type of terrain you are riding on. For instance, if you plan on riding in deep snow, large tracks could be mounted on the vehicle and the steering system could be switched to a skid-steer mode like a BR-180 Snow Groomer (or a smaller SW-48). In the summer, you could use smaller and nimbler tracks and switch back to normal power steering mode.

The Maskek is amphibious, so you would be able to cross a lake or a marsh with it. A lighter, non-amphibious version could be offered too depending on your needs. The roll cage would use a matrix made with carbon nanotube super fabric to lower the center of gravity, offer an unobstructed frontal view, and make sure the occupants are well protected in case the vehicle rolls over.

What it’s used for

The Maskek could be used to explore vast expenses of land where you frequently encounter all types of terrain, including wetlands or deep rivers. Its dual steering system would make it convenient to ride in deep snow with wide tracks or service mountain trails in the summer. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle designed to cover a vast array of use depending on the needs of its owner.


The Maskek concept was imagined in September 2015 by Charles Bombardier and the images were created Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo is a Colombian industrial designer, currently working on a Master’s degree in transportation design at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). He works as a freelance industrial designer based in Montreal. Adolfo also created the design of the Roxton Amphibious ATV and the Jacknife morphing car.