The Concept

The Snackr is a 3D food printing machine designed for autonomous cars and mass transit vehicles (buses, subways, and trains). It would be able to create thousands of recipes using ingredients stored in swappable containers as well as coffee and sodas.

The Background

Food printers are currently being developed around the world (Meet the Foodini). Based on what we have been able to accomplish in the past thirty years, I believe its safe to say that we’ll be able to create functioning and compact mobile food printers before 2050. If you no longer need to focus on the road in an autonomous car, why not make yourself a fresh portion of banana bread or a mocha coffee while you travel?

How It Works

The Snackr could be installed anywhere in a car or mass transit vehicle. It would be part of a sub assembly created by a supplier so engineers could make it fit anywhere. Of course the front covers would change from one manufacture to the other, but the rest of the Snackr could be standardized.

The machine would need access to a clean water tank and a power source. The food ingredients could be stored in swappable tubular canisters next to the unit. These canisters could be refrigerated or not.

Now we need all the chefs and tinkerers who are currently working on food printers to figure out if it is possible to create lots of different snacks with only six types of ingredients. That’s what we have depicted on our image, but I’m leaving that question to you.…

Added Value

Imagine you could order your favourite coffee directly into your car and save time by not having to stop at the store? (You would still need to pay, but you would definitely save time.) Imagine you could share new recipes with friend and print them during your commute on the bus, subway, or train? You could certainly create, print, and eat healthier food than what is offered at junk food joints along the highway, so it could help your health while filling your rumbling stomach.


The Snackr concept was imagined in November 2015 by Charles Bombardier and the images were created by Abhishek Roy, the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, a design lab based in India. Abhishek’s team also created the renderings for the Subrocket car and the Antipod supersonic business jet.