The Concept

The Luminati is a smart watch designed to keep an eye on your young children at all times around the house. It functions as a sort of a guardian angel wearable device that can be used a help you make parenting decisions based on real-time facts.

The Background

Parents like to keep tabs on their offspring and know that they are safe at all times, and having a little help to remind them to do their homework and chores, or simply come up for dinner, is always appreciated. I thought about creating the Luminati watch simply by using existing technologies developed by Tandem Launch companies. If this watch existed today, I would buy one for each of my kids!

How It Works

The Luminati would communicate with your Wi-Fi router to detect the indoor and outdoor activities of your children. It would be able to locate them in any room using technology developed by Aerial. It would know what they are doing through their gestures and activities, and it would be able to differentiate between all members of the family.

The watch would feature an electronic nose chip developed by Sensing Dynamics able to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. It could thus warn you and your child of imminent danger. This chip could also detect nuts if your child is allergic to them.

The Luminati’s SenSaura software would also track emotions in real time by analyzing the physiological signals using your child’s skin conductivity and heart activity. It could tell you when your child is sad or agitated and warn you in advance if their play is escalating into a sibling fight!

The Luminati would also be able to track and analyze the movements of your child around the house and tell you how much time he spent playing video games, doing his homework, or playing sports.It would provide live statistics, give you a global snapshot of how your child is doing, and provide clues to help you support him. You would have a tangible tool to support your decisions based on SportslogIQ stats software.

Finally, the watch would learn personalized commands in any language, with any accent, by using a clever speech to action software developed by You would be able use it to call your kids for supper, ask what they are doing, and ask them to complete house chores, with a command like “clean your room.” The AI achieves near-100% accuracy by using contextual speech-to-action technology.

What It’s Used For

The Luminati could help you check on your kid to see what he is doing [playing a videogame], tell you where he is [in the basement], and with whom [his friend Jen]. It could tell you how he’s feeling [Very Happy], if he has done his homework [Yes], and if he did some physical activities this week [12% more than average]. You could use the Luminati to call him up for supper, check on him at night, and make sure he gets up on time [linked with his school agenda].


The Luminati concept was imagined in February 2016 by Charles Bombardier and the renderings were created by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo is a Colombian Industrial designer, currently attending a master’s in transportation design at the UQAM of Montreal. He works as a freelance industrial designer based in Montreal. Adolfo also created the design of Teatrix robotic furniture and the Metropolis empathic surveillance drone.