The Concept

The Sandofi is a cart concept designed to be used by homeless people who live in densely populated cities. It includes solar lights, multiple hooks to carry personal items, a section that can turn into a bed, and a detachable basket that can be used as an animal shelter.

The Background

According to the Homeless Hub, it is estimated that there are between 150,000 and 300,000 Canadians who will experience homelessness in Canada in a given year. We often see these people pushing a grocery cart filled with clothes and various items. The idea with the Sandofi was to imagine a cart that could better serve these people between the time they are living in the streets and the moment they find a home.

How It Works

The Sandofi is built using aluminum and composite materials, making it lightweight, durable and non-corroding. It has two fixed wheels at the back that can be locked with a brake and two steerable wheels in the front. It is narrow enough to pass through door frames measuring at least 28 inches wide.

The front portion of Sandofi can tilt open until it’s level with the floor of the cart, making a 78” bed. A foam mattress comes with Sandofi which can be rolled up in a corner of the basket when it’s not being used. Thus it would be possible to lie down and sleep above the ground on a mattress instead of sleeping on the ground, the floor, or on a park bench. It would also be possible to cover the Sandofi with waterproof tarpaulins (provided with the cart) to protect the person from wind and rain.

Around the basket, there are hooks designed to support grocery bags. LED lights located on the basket are charged by compact solar cells used to illuminate the surroundings at night. The Sandofi could also be equipped with an emergency panic button connected to city social workers. Finally, the basket could become a small niche to house the owner’s pet.

Why It’s Useful

Obviously the goal here is not to keep homeless people in our streets, but to provide them with a piece of rolling equipment best suited for their reality. For instance, the Sandofi would make it easier to house people in homeless shelters if the shelters just need to provide floor space out of the cold. It would be possible to convert some spaces for short-term use because these people could just roll in with their own beds and roll them out in the morning if needed


The Sandofi concept was imagined in October 2015 by Charles Bombardier and the images were created by Martin Rico. Martin lives near Buenos Aires in Argentina. He studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. Martin also created the images of the Ecotranzit concept.