The Concept

The Shogun is an eco-friendly six-wheel-drive beach SUV. It was designed to drive to and explore sandy beaches and even cross small rivers. It could be purchased online as a kit, then printed and assembled at your nearest micro-factory.

The Background

I got the idea for the Shogun while working on the Paspartu concept. I wanted to create a vehicle that could travel on sandy beaches like the ones on the eastern coast of Brazil (or any secluded beach in the world). I started discussing the project with Sebastian Campos, and he proposed creating a vehicle similar to the old Suzuki Samurai.

How It Works

The main differentiating characteristic of the Shogun is the expandable wheels that allow it to roll on sandy beaches more easily. These wheels are similar to the ones on the Paspartu concept; their internal pressure can be modified on the fly for better results depending on whether you are rolling on soft surface or hard pavement.

The Shogun is the size of a small SUV and can accommodate up to five passengers. It features a retractable roof for shade or protection against the elements. The windshield is motorised to slide down at the touch of a button and give the passengers an open-air experience. The roll-over bars are designed to carry surf boards or kite surfing equipment.

The interior is waterproof, so people can get in at anytime without being afraid of damaging their Shogun. Meshed seats allow sand and water to slip through. These features make the vehicle really easy to clean: just hose it down to get all the sand out!

The propulsion system could be either conventional (combustion engine) or electric. The Shogun is semi-amphibious, meaning it would be able to cross small rivers along its path, but I don’t think it should be developed to cross lakes or large rivers due to technical cost reasons. Its trailer is powered by an electric motor, so the 4WD can become 6WD when needed.

The Shogun’s trailer is designed to carry most things you would need at the beach, along with a built-in cooler and an outdoor sound system to bring the party with you!

What It’s Used For

The Shogun wouldn’t need to ride fast. It could be designed as a low cost vehicle to be used by people who like exploring beaches that are more secluded and hard to access with normal cars. Resorts could also have a fleet of these vehicles for organized tours.


The Shogun concept was developed in March 2016 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with Sebastian Campos Möller, an award-winning industrial designer from Mexico. Sebastian graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and specializes in 3D and concept development for human-centered products. Sebastian also produced the concept images for the Solexa personal drone.