Drone Tower

The Concept

The Drone Tower is a futuristic vision for an apartment building where balconies would be adapted to land personal flying vehicles (PFVs, hoverboards, drones, etc.) and where robotic furniture would detect approaching vehicles and make space for them.

The Background

I had this idea while I was talking to Eric Spencer from MAD Architect during the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I was mentioning the Porsche Design Tower project in Sunny Isle, Florida, and the idea for a drone-friendly tower hit me. Maybe it would make sense to design integrated balcony parking spaces in new condo towers to prepare for these new types of vehicles or shipping drones?

How It Works

The Drone Tower would look like a futuristic condo tower with large balconies on which small electric aircraft or shipping drones would be able to land. Most people would not even bother buying their own drone, they would simply order a ride with an app like a taxi. The drone would then pick you up directly from your terrace.

A few months ago, I imagined a new type of robotic furniture called Teatrix. This concept proposed a new type of robotic furniture that would be able to move and modify itself in your house based on your available space, mood, activities, or everyday needs. The Teatrix outdoor couches, chairs, and tables could thus move when an inbound vehicle would approach for a drop-off or parcel delivery.

Similarly, the balcony’s railguards could probably be designed to slide down or roll down. Of course a lot of safety features would need to be in place and tough, and there would have to be an air traffic system dedicated to urban flight control.

What It’s Used For

Early adopters will probably buy their own personal flying vehicles in the not too distant future. Some models are being developed as we speak. Maybe an innovative architectural firm will even pitch the idea of building a ‘drone ready’ condo tower in Japan or Dubai in the coming months—and maybe it will sell faster than we think.

Of course, large balconies are always a welcome feature in a condo, but imagine if you wouldn’t need to use the stairs or elevator or even drive to reach your office tower? You could use this new system to fly to your shopping mall or favorite city hotspot, and your new condo tower would make this possible with its drone-certified rating.


The Drone Tower concept was developed in May 2016 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with Ashish Thulkar, an Industrial Designer from Bengalore, India. Ashish graduated with a master’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Science in 2014. Ashish currently works as a freelance vehicle designer. He also created the concept of the Escatek airport quick boarding system and the Metroshop commercial commuting train.