The Concept

The Magwa is a pick-up truck concept equipped with a special cargo box that can be transformed into a hot tub.

The Background

The idea of using the back of a pick-up truck for a spa has been done before, but this idea came to me when one of my friends (Boutch) told me he carried a compact hot tub in his RV just for fun. I wondered how it would look, so we tried it in a Ford F-150 Raptor. The name Magwa, by the way, is simply the combination of Mobile + Agua.

How It Works

The Magwa would be basically a pick-up truck with a modified box whose tailgate can be sealed to retain water. There would be an electric pump hidden in the space between the body and the cargo box which would have the necessary fittings for a water hose.

The owner would thus be able to pump fresh water into and out of the tub, ideally from a river. There would be a filter to remove particles and a second fabric filter could be integrated into the onboard water circulation system. Air could be added to the water and even scents. (Maybe you could simply drop pine needles in the tub’s air intake?)

To heat the water, it would be interesting to concentrate the sun’s energy with a compact system similar to the one designed by Rackam for large buildings.  A propane heating system or small thermo pump could also be used if you had access to a power source. These would be stored in the pick-up’s box when it’s empty. The black color of hot tub’s fiberglass surface would also absorb heat.

The Magwa would come with a good sound system and a wireless docking station to view movies with your large-screen tablet. There would be a ladder to climb in it from the rear and it would be equipped with chilled cup holders large enough to hold all formats of drinks.

What It’s Used For

Um… the best party car in town? This would be used to have fun with your friends on weekends near a lake or river. It would be best suited to warm summer climates, unless you wanted to use it for a fish tank…. In any case, I agree it’s a gadget and we did this one purely for fun.


The Magwa concept was imagined in June 2016 by Charles Bombardier and the 3-D renderings were created by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo holds a degree in industrial design and currently works as a freelance industrial designer based in Montreal. Adolfo is also the author of the Metropolis police drone and the Binatrax autonomous snowboard track.